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About Outlier Producer

Outlier Producer is an industry blog written by Stephen Gibler covering all things Film Industry, Politics and Social Issues…but defined by Numbers. I believe that the world around us and the issues and complexities we face are all part of a grand equation. With the problems we face being nothing more then the X-variable in that equation that a little “algebra” can help solve.

I grew up in Boston, MA and when I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as a child, the only thing that made sense in the world for me was sports. It was simple. The person who scores the most wins. In a world where it was always up for debate who won, in sports everything was defined. Because of this I grew up as an avid sports fan and I still have a deep love for my hometown teams. And concurrently the Sabermetrics revolution was sweeping baseball and through the study of Sabermetrics taught by Bill James and perfected for the game by Billy Beane and Theo Epstein, I was able to learn how even within the game the game. That each player, situation, and game had a series of numbers attached to them and by careful analysis of those numbers, you could find reality and predict the future. I saw Billy Beane turn a team with the lowest payroll in baseball into perpetual winners and Theo turn a cursed franchise into champions.

Through that lens of that world, I taken my experience and feelings there into filmmaking and political/social discussion and analysis.

As a filmmaker who lives LA and abroad, this blog will set out to cover the changing and evolving film industry at it leaps forward into the 21st century. Also this blog also covers politics and social issues. Not surprising at all since we filmmakers are in constant observation of the world for ideas, interaction with it to live our lives, and in turn pressing back upon it with our movies and television shows.

So this blog will cover that world but and seek to remove the partisan element of the equation and bring a little more hard science into our everyday lives.

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