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IPad for the Producer/Writer (4 days in)

August 27, 2012

So I have joined the growing legions of Apple iPad users in purchasing an IPad. My model is a 64 gig iPad 2 that I bought through a friend and I got a great deal from him. Dropping $500-$800 for an iPad is just insane. And besides, we’ll soon reach a point where 3G is a part of the model and is free like it is for some of the Kindles. When that happens, watch out.

So 4 days in and I’m already suing this thing far more then I have used my laptop. Everything feels very connected and there is this great user-friendly flow between myself and it’s applications. I always felt Apple was creating a market with the iPad when in reality the market was already there, people just didn’t realize it. I was at meetings all day yesterday and instead of lugging around my carrying bag and all of it’s materials, I just took my iPad and I was good to go the entire day. I didn’t miss a thing. It actually called into question a lot of my daily travel packing. And put forth a philosophical question.

As a producer, our one of our main levels of value is the resources we can access. And that is why I have always like carrying around my shoulder strap case. I have Advil, canker sore medication, power charging cords, glasses, etc. etc.

So the idea of having a life without my materials is huge leap to take. So far, I have used it. Lot every day. Being a USC student and being on the move a lot, being able to fast documents and materials have been invaluable.

I know the storyboard app will be heavily used. So will pages, keynote, numbers, etc. I will have presentations non-stop and having materials that I can create, manage, and use on the fly is going to be golden. Showing my movies is going to be a feature that will absolutely be important for showing my work to future collaborators and employers. Also I like to argue, so having documents and materials backing up my arguments is already making me feel like a kid in a candy store.

So if you will excuse me, I’ll answer some emails, get some tasks done and watch an episode of 30 Rock. And I’ll post this blog post from it!



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